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At Q.Events, we pay attention to detail. Every event is an effort of a dedicated team which conceptualises, plans, prototypes and executes.
Time and thought is given to hand crafted materials, floral arrangements and table decor.

Extensive research is done for the authenticity of set designs, fabric and upholstery planning. Latest advances in technology are used for the crafting of light design of the venues.

At Q.Events, we pay attention to the clients requirements because we believe that the client is also a source of information and education. We believe in the beauty of our dreams and our work is a leap of imagination which brings happiness and joy.

About Us

Q.Events is a Design & Styling Company which was established as a corporate entity in 2001.
It is a company which specializes in "Wedding Decor Design" and a selective corporate clientele focussing on shopping malls.

Q.Events is the only wedding designer in India with an extensive in-house production facility. From fabrics to furniture, from flowers to set structures, from ideas to reality, every facet of wedding designing is the cumulative effort of a very large infrastructure.
This allows total control, total quality and total client satisfaction.

Q.Events is the collective talent and diligence of a team of over 300 employees under the guidance of Geeta Samuel. Infinite creative energy is brought proudly into every project of Q.Events.

Geeta Samuel
Geeta Samuel

Geeta Samuel began her career with the hospitality industry, where she often lent her creative energies to help make events for clients better. Years later, many of those clients still rely on her to make their events memorable, unique, and personal.

She is one of the most respected and sought after wedding designers in India. With experience to match her imagination, Geeta is the creative force behind Q.Events. She has over 20 years of experience, designing a wide range of events for her discerning clientele, in India and abroad.

She constantly sets high standards for herself and her team and quite naturally then, Q.Events is known to always exceed client expectations and deliver more than promised.

Arun Samuel
Arun Samuel

Arun is the technical brain behind Q.Events. Switching from the Merchant Navy to the challenges of translating client dreams into tangible reality.

Heading the operations team bringing creative ideas to life, he has a penchant for doing things differently each time and is constantly experimenting with new materials, structures and processes.

Rituraj Khanna
Rituraj Khanna

He is an avid traveler which makes him the go-to person for destination events which compliments his character well. Heading the Business Development team at Q.Events, and being there with the company for nearly a decade, he has worn many hats within the team.

Be it exotic beach weddings in Thailand to grand palatial receptions in Udaipur, Rituraj has contributed to a large variety of events around India and abroad. He enjoys the challenge of integrating client specific requirements, yet making the event décor feel natural in its environment.

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